Divorce Resources

Life sometimes takes you down a path you hadn't anticipated. The divorce process can be overwhelming and intimidating. But there is hope beyond for a new normal. 

Laura Rumford has earned the prestigious CDRE™ - Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert, through the Ilumni Institute. She has additionally been trained in the Collaborative Divorce Process, and is a member of the Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals (OACP)

Her studies and experience in serving clients and attorneys in real property matters related to divorce situations has afforded Laura an in-depth understanding of the legal framework of divorce. She has exceptional insight into listing and selling a home in a high conflict situation; remaining neutral and unbiased; understanding the financial implications of divorce; testifying as an expert witness in court; and early avoidance of frequent pitfalls in a divorce home sale transaction. 

Laura is able to provide creative problem-solving ideas in the division and settlement of assets, whilst maintaining complete discretion and always being held to a strict code of ethics.